Continuation of the art project under corona conditions

The pupils of Erasmus AG of the high school continued their work on the final art project for F.I.T. in compliance with the hygiene regulations. In collaboration with the helpful hands of the parents, the project participants used their Saturday to paint, saw, screw and tinker. We are very happy about the commitment of everyone involved. The fun was of course not neglected, as can be seen in the pictures. Have fun with it and see you soon …

Application training with career adviser Ramona Kocane from the National Employment Agency.

The time had come on March 3rd. After many activities beforehand, the students were ready to practice an oral application in English. We did 2 groups, each group 15 participants, in both groups were our project students and students from classes 11 and 12. At the beginning there was the presentation in English by the application consultant and then it was the turn of the students. Each couple played a dialogue, which was rated by everyone and the best even received small gifts, for example oranges. Time went quickly, the students were active and it was fun.

Final teacher’s meeting in Assen

From Sunday to Thursday all participating teachers of the F.I.T. for Europe project are meeting one last time. Kindly hosted by our Dutch friends we work together to evaluate the past two years and to present individual in-between projects from our students and teachers.

It is really intense to compare all the projects for the final report and the dissemination of the results. Thanks to our Dutch colleagues we also enjoy a little free time in and around Assen. We have a lot of fun remembering the past two years and we look forward to the presentations of the final individual projects in the next month. Below you will find some selected impressions of our meeting. Enjoy!

Strangers are only friends we haven’t met yet…our last meeting in Assen

After a year and a half we were able to see our exchange partners again this February and get to know our host families. Shortly before 8 a.m. our journey began with the train in Burgdorf, which we could finally end in Assen at 1 p.m. On the Friday of our arrival, the school organized an “open house” so that we could see the school from all sides and with many presentations.

We all spent the weekend together with our guest students bowling, breaking or raclette. However, we also felt the storm “Sabine” in the Netherlands. At this point, we had no idea what weather would accompany us for the rest of the day. Our exchange week started on Monday morning with a clichéd bike tour to school. For some it only took 10 minutes, for others up to an hour. When we got to school, we attended the lessons of our exchange partners and then we were introduced to the Dutch school system.

After a visit to the “Drents Museum”, the third day came to an end. We spent Tuesday in the community center in Beilen, where we presented our legal system to the other exchange countries. We then visited a museum village called “Orvelte”, in which we were shown the houses, the green areas and life here. On Wednesday we went back to Germany for a visit to the Meyer Werft shipyard, to be more precise to Papenburg. During this tour of the shipyard, we were told facts about the history and the development to the current state. In addition, we could see the construction of a cruise ship up close and learn many things about the shipyard.

On the way back to the Netherlands, we stopped at the RWE Power Station in Emshaven, where we received a presentation on energy generation and a tour of the plant, of course also in appropriate clothing. For Thursday we drove to the “University of Groningen” and explored the city with the “Groninger Forum”. This forum is a center with all the services that can be used as a student or as a normal resident. That evening there was a farewell party with music and karaoke. This signaled to us that the exchange week was coming to an end very soon. We spent our last day in the capital city of Amsterdam. After unloading our luggage we went to the “Rijksmuseum” where we were able to admire old art by well-known artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. The last meal in the Netherlands was traditional at McDonald, which signaled to us that it was time to say goodbye. This week showed us many different sides of the Netherlands with a lot of rain but a lot of joy together. We spent most of our free time together. Our exchange partners have not only been partners of this project, but have developed into friends.

Professions Day on February 18

February 19 was a project day at Limbazi High School. The students have made posters and posters on the subject of “professions” in working groups. It was determined what knowledge, skills and character traits are needed to learn the profession, and the students selected the most popular and popular professions.

In the evening at 6 p.m. there was a special mood. We were expecting special guests from Limbaži and Riga. Before that, the pupils could choose in which group they would like to talk to which guest.

Together there were 13. They were young, successful entrepreneurs, an architect, a director from the State Theater in Riga, a doctor, a baker from the bakery “Lielezers”, a civil engineer who developed the streets, a programming and physics teacher, a designer, a lawyer from the district administration and a fitness trainer. Most of them were our former students who came back after 10-15 years to talk to the students about various questions.

At the beginning, the guests answered questions about their school days and their careers. z. B. What was your favorite subject at school? Why did you choose this profession? What knowledge and skills were needed? What do you like best about in your everyday life? What is taught too little at school, what more do you need? The discussions on the round tables at the same time 40 minutes, then the chillers changed their groups and so you did 3 rounds. The best recommendations from the guests: learn language and technologies, learn diligently and do what is fun. The job should be fun, otherwise there is no point because we spend 70% of our life doing our job.

The evaluation followed after the discussions. Everyone was satisfied that they had spent the evening sensibly and interestingly.

Etiquette-Workshop in Wolfsburg (Volkswagen)

How to act while job interviews – what the German “Knigge” says…

On November 18, we took the train to Wolfsburg/Autostadt and took part in an etiquette course there. At the beginning, we first considered in groups what you need etiquette for and collected our thoughts. Then we were divided into new groups and given a situation that we should recreate. We then presented and discussed these to the rest of the group. In addition to small talk and behavior towards superiors, special focus was placed on the situation where an interview was simulated. For example, we learned how to behave when the future employer is late or how best to sit down.

Overall, the course was interesting and you learned a few new things. In addition, you not only sat dull, but worked out the content together, which meant that the two and a half hours passed pretty quickly. In the late afternoon we went back home by train.

Aimee Schlimme

12th of November ( The Second day in Latvia)

The second day of our journey to Latvia was full of positive emotions and interesting facts that we ‘ve learned  . At 8 o’clock the bus started to drive and delivered us in Riga for two hours.

Our first visit was in the Stockholm School of Economics which was situated in the center of the town. First  they showed  us a presentation about the school and told us the main things. Three students which are studying in this school came in that hall to tell their personal opinion about the things that are happening inside the lessons and about the studying process. After the presentation the organisators made a little trip around the school which on the other hand was really nice and the building was impressive . When the trip finished we went to the dining room to have lunch. It was very delicious by the way. Then we started walking around  the town to see some places of culture and interesting buildings. We had one woman who was our group guide and explained to the group a lot about the architecture and the history of some buildings. When the trip ended it was given a free time to all members of the group. We had two hours and a half to go wherever we like and to return back to the meeting station which was in front of the Opera. Our Bulgarian group decided to hang out around the old part of the town and to see the St Peter Cathedral which has a big tower with an elevator that lifts up the people who want to go up there  . The view from the top was like in a tale. It can be compared with the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. By the way the  town is divided by a big river which is named The Daugava River. The town is also situated on the seashore of Baltic Sea which makes it even more eye catching. When we saw the amazing capital from the peak we went down to the church where an exhibition was helding . There were exposed a lot of interesting paintings, vases and cups. The cathedral was huge and there were some signs of different families and ordens that have financed the process of building  . When we finished with visiting those religious places of culture we decided do walk trough the  streets of Riga and to look around  for some souvenirs. We have  entered in some shops and bought something for our families. Then we continued to walk through the tiny and cozy roads of the city. After the shopping time we all were unanimous that it’s time to eat something because we were also a little bit tired and hungry. So we went to one pub which is named  “LIDO” where you can also buy a cooked food which is ready at the moment of entering the bar. Which is very comfortable for the customers in my opinion. When the journey ended we left Riga with the bus and it  cost some time to reach Limbazhi. On the other hand  the Sports Hall ( Sports Halee) was “waiting” for us. We had our sport clothes with us earlier so the next thing in our program was the activities in the sport center. There we were separated in two groups. But first we’ve made a little warm up in order not to have injuries. The first team was playing volleyball and the second one was playing basketball. I was in the first group so I enjoyed the time playing that sport with my friends and teachers from the project. It was a really nice time spend in doing some sport and training our bodies to be F. I. T 😄. Eventually it was a great day which was field with so many great experiences . We have seen so many  amazing and very interesting monuments and after all we  had a great and useful time together.

By: Kostadin Kotsev

A beautiful week in Latvia…

Enjoy the report of Katharina, who reviews a week of surprises in Latvia.

On Monday we visited the high school in Limbaži. After a short tour of the school, we got an insight into the teaching system when visiting the class. Then we met again to get to know each other. In the afternoon we visited the bakery in Limbaži. There we got a guided tour of the family business and were then able to do some shopping in the small shop. Back in the center we got a small city tour. We started in the Limbaži Museum, where we visited, among other things, an old fortress. From their tower we could look forward to the beautiful view over Limbaži. In the evening we walked to a parade that was held on the occasion of Lacplesis Day. With music and torches we remembered Latvia’s declaration of independence on our way to church.

On Tuesday morning we went to Riga by bus to visit the Stockholm School of Economics. Three students answered questions about the school system. Then we took a closer look at the university. In the afternoon we took part in a city tour. In the center of Riga we saw the Riga Theater, Opera House and Statue of Liberty. The many artfully decorated facades of the houses were also very impressive. In the evening we went to the basketball and volleyball game in the sports hall in Limbaži.

Wednesday we went to Riga again to visit the University of Riga. We were allowed to look at a laboratory for experiments with organic substances and found many different inserted organs in another room. In some cases, they were even former babies. In the afternoon we visited the cosmetics company “Mádara”. In the tour of the company, we followed the different production steps of the cosmetic articles. In the evening we were invited to a concert in the Limbaži youth center. Dance groups, choirs and ensembles presented the culture of their country with dances and music typical of Latvia. The national anthem, which was sung by all guests, was particularly beautiful.

On Thursday we drove to Ungurpils and visited a potato starch factory. After a short talk about the company, we were guided through the individual stages of production. From the arrival of the potatoes to the washing and cutting to the drying and packaging of the starch, we were able to observe everything. We continued to Staicele. In the Museum of Weaving we even had the opportunity to weave something ourselves. In the afternoon we went to an ice cream factory. In a short film we were told the production steps of the different types of ice cream and then we were finally allowed to try the ice cream. In the evening we could relax in the Limbaži swimming pool.

The cool video day!


On the 17th of October me and my schoolmates made one group meeting to talk about making a clip. The idea of the clip is how to save the planet from pollution and solve some eco problems which are very common nowadays.

One very cool guy – Nikolay Yordanov – came that day to help us. He was a past student of our teacher Mrs Popova and was full of interesting information about the photography and shooting  short videos. He told us that he had graduated a university which is targeted of making and shooting films. In my opinion it is very valuable to know such things because in 21th century almost everything is  digital or ,,smart”.

However our group meeting took about 2 hours and we have discussed how to assemble the short film. The group was giving a lot of good ideas and our teacher was giving us very good advices on how to shoot the clip correctly like proffesionals. He showed us some techniques on how to use our bodies to capture correctly if we are going to use our phones for that purpose. He also told us that it is recommended to use only one phone to capture with. In addition he shared with us some tips about the correct angle of shooting the objects which were very interesting to me.

We had a ,,brainstorming” time to think about the ideas and the main eco problem that we`re going to show in our clip.

We have desided to expose the problem with cigarette buds which is very big problem in the towns. We all were united about that idea.

After all we had a great time together and was a wonderful experience!

And here’s the video:


Kostadin Kotsev

European Day of Languages at the National High School of Economics and Business


On September 26, 2019, our school celebrated European Day of Languages ​​in an interesting way with various initiatives. An important focus of the activities of the F.I.T for Europe project is the idea of ​​understanding, which is why the teachers of the project team, with their classes, initiated discussions, interactive activities, games in which the idea of ​​a United Europe was conceived differently.

Students from the class 9b discussed the reasons why languages are important to us. They watched pictures from last year’s Day of languages celebration and had a lot of fun. At the end students were invited to join the new Erasmus+ project SEDIFIEE. Last they said their favourite word in a foreign language.They shared the event in the eTwinning platform.

A special poster was created from class 10 V with twenty-eight flags of the European Union countries.

After the debate, the word “together“ was chosen to be translated to express the idea of ​​community and connection. The selected word in the respective language was placed under each flag on the poster.

Thus it was demonstrated that “together” is a word that underlies all European values ​​such as pluralism, freedom and the right to choose.

Students from the class 10 zh learned a lot about Europe and had fun participating in an interactive game (Come on over!). And the 11a  students got involved in the activities by greeting one another with ‘hello’ in different languages, after learning about the history of the Council of Europe initiative to encourage language learning, boys and girls made a live map of Europe.


The eighth-graders, with their foreign language teachers, attended an event organized at the “Earth and People” Museum.

Through this activity, dedicated to the Day of European Languages, we have shown that young communities in the European Union are strongly attracted to the idea of ​​development, tolerance and freedom of knowledge.

Radina Popova

Successful and productive teacher’s meeting in Limbazi

At the end of October, the organizing colleagues met in Limbazi to evaluate the upcoming student meeting and the planning of our project and to jointly develop strategies for the successful continuation of the cooperation.

After extensive and interesting presentations on the study and job offers in Latvia, various visits to various companies on site, interesting city tours in Limbazi and Riga and a workshop on the design of the homepage, the cultural aspect of the meeting was not forgotten.

We were very happy to see each other again, we thank you very much for the perfect organization by our Latvian friends and we are excited and looking forward to the upcoming work on the project "F.I.T. for Europe ". Enjoy the impressions in the gallery.

Visitation of Lielezers Maiznica in Limbazi

Today on October 17 we visited a bakery close to Limbažu. So they showed us the process of manually making the bread. The local bread is very popular in the area of Limbažu and people like it.

The bakery was founded in 1991 and has grown a lot until nowadays. There’s more than 100 workers in the bakery and they are separated in different sectors of producing the bread. The bakery delivers for many shops near Limbažu and people can enjoy specific taste of the bread.

The tradition of this craft is alive very long time and will continue to delight people in the future.

„I and EUROPE“ – initiative group (IG) of Gymnasium Unter den Eichen continues further education course

Europe – an issue that is more evident today than it was before, was the subject of the annual seminar of the initiative group of the Gymnasium

The program, which was written by the lecturer Veronika Schniederalbers (Ludwig Windhorst House,Lingen), consisted of a multi-part workshop on “Europe”. The first part of the seminar clarified, “What Europe has to do with me” and “How the EU works”, with the aim of illustrating the institutions of the EU and their tasks as well as their influence on our everyday lives. The seminar participants were playfully and loosely integrated into the program. The study director of the Ludwig Windhorst House has already worked as a research assistant in the European Parliament and was thus able to share her own experiences with everyone and was able to answer very specific questions.

The second part of the seminar day was dedicated to the “Future of Europe”; the participants took on the roles of decision-makers in the EU and simulated a constitutional convention for the United States of Europe. Thematically, they discussed the questions of a directly elected EU president, a compulsory social year for all European youth and a Europe-wide nuclear phase-out by 2050. Subsequently, the results were reflected together and a “reality check” was carried out. The reflection was designed in such a way that every pupil could form their own opinions about the different subject areas and share them with everyone so that an open, partially controversial but pleasantly stimulated discussion came to a stand.

The pleasing conclusion of the day was that, to their own astonishment, the older students already knew a great deal about the connections in Europe from the political education and their own European experiences; among the younger seminar participants, the “oh so that” effect outweighed. All those involved felt that they had come closer to the idea of ​​Europe coming from the seminar, which led to lively discussions even after the end.

All in all, the seminar “Europe and me” is lively and authentic, thanks to its method mix and the great personal commitment of Veronika Schniederalbers, also for age-heterogeneous groups – an exciting enrichment of the lessons! #WeloveEurope

First day-start of the best week in our lives

The start of our week. Of course that the first day is the most exciting one. It was the day when the exchange students had the chance to be with the Bulgarian families.

             In the morning all of us were with our parents: some visited the Vitosha mountain, some went to the centre of Sofia and others stayed at home and played games.

After that we all met in the Paradise mall (the students from the Netherlands and Germany ).

We had time for shopping and then we all sat and talked while drinking coffee. Some of us ate the dinner in the mall, others went at home and let the exchange friends try the bulgarian food.

The first day was the the strangest, but one of the best. Then the interesting week began.

Viktoriya Toneva and Kristiyan Kandov

Our final evening

It was our last day together. To sum up the day, I have to say that it was the most emotional and colourful day from the whole week. Here is the place where I have to thank my friends and teachers from the Bulgarian team, who spent their free time with me to organize this fantastic evening and gave all that they can to make it cool and funny.

         The evidence was in one of the halls in the museum ‘Museiko’’ which is a place for studying and entertainment for children.  There we had an hour to meet ourselves with each hall in the museum. Be sure that it was an amazing experience for us, because we learned a lot about the world’s evolution, saw the space from austronaut’s eyes and felt like cavemen in realistic cave modal.

         Without many other deviations, we started our party program! First each team show their work, because we had a task earlier to design a project about the impressions and adventures during the week in Bulgaria. Of course there was a jury of the competition who chose the winners. After that we started F.I.T. is looking for a talent so that we had fun, we sang, we danced together traditional dances from the countries members of the project. Moreover, there were surprises from our guests and everything were more than fantastic – it was breathtaking experience and we became a whole! This was the most emotional and in the same time funny and amazing night! The F.I.T.‘s team learned a lot about the traditions in Bulgaria, Germany, the Netherlands and Latvia and it was delight to be together!

         After our unforgetable party, we continued the evening in the company of our families. Some of us were together with our parents and ended the night in pleasant restaurants with songs, dances and alive singers.

         For me it was pleasure to work with everybody during this busy and in the same time wonderful year. I learned a lot about team working, leading, time organising and last but not least how to have fun and make friendships with strangers. I think that we all increase our proficiency in foreign languages level and we strenghtened our friendship, which I‘m sure will accompany us in the future!

                                                                               Hristina  Vasileva,

                                                   National high school in Business and Finance,

                                                                                                Sofia, Bulgaria

A day full of emotion

My name is Persiana, proud member of FIT for Europe team. I chose to talk about our free day -8th June, 2019.  It was the last day for the Latvians in Bulgaria, so we wanted something different.

 No museums! No galleries! No presentations!

This Saturday was just perfect for our little trip to lake Pancharevo.

 Although I have already been there like a million times, I really enjoyed the day.

The Latvians were amazed by the nature. Actually we hat a lot of fun together. I started to call Kristin Kiki and she started with Pipi.  After we arrived, the first thing we did,  was to have lunch. Then we took water wheels and sailed around. NO swimming! The weather was even good for sun baths.

All the day I had mixed emotions. I was really happy because we were really close to each other, but I also knew they were leaving by tomorrow.

Not gonna lie… this was my favorite day.

Persiana Gerasimova

A great day in Blagoevgrad

So on the second day (Tuesday, 4.06.2019) we went to Blagoevgrad. We traveled by bus and because the distance from Sofia to this town is small, the road was short but really fun. In the bus we listened to music, mostly bulgarian and talked about many different things, a little time to get to know each other.

And here we arrived in this pretty cute town. First of all we had to visit The American University of Blagoevgrad. There, we learned a lot  about the university, about its history, about the American education system and many many other things. We also had a chance to visit the gym, the theatre hall and the library. These three places were really interesting and filled with the history of the university.

After that we went to the city centre to have lunch. I took my group (the Dutch) to one very good restaurant which I know for many years and visit absolutely every time I go to Blagoevgrad. The food there is more than wonderful and my friends were pleased, they really liked it.

The last thing in our program for this day was the visit of the Rila Monastery. It was a good way to show a small but important part of the Bulgarian history to our friends from abroad.

The whole day was a great experience for all of us. Not only this day of course. The whole week we were together was just unique. It left in our hearts wonderful memories which we will never forget. And most importantly, we’ve created friendships we will remember for a lifetime…

Adelina Denova