Professions Day on February 18

February 19 was a project day at Limbazi High School. The students have made posters and posters on the subject of “professions” in working groups. It was determined what knowledge, skills and character traits are needed to learn the profession, and the students selected the most popular and popular professions.

In the evening at 6 p.m. there was a special mood. We were expecting special guests from Limbaži and Riga. Before that, the pupils could choose in which group they would like to talk to which guest.

Together there were 13. They were young, successful entrepreneurs, an architect, a director from the State Theater in Riga, a doctor, a baker from the bakery “Lielezers”, a civil engineer who developed the streets, a programming and physics teacher, a designer, a lawyer from the district administration and a fitness trainer. Most of them were our former students who came back after 10-15 years to talk to the students about various questions.

At the beginning, the guests answered questions about their school days and their careers. z. B. What was your favorite subject at school? Why did you choose this profession? What knowledge and skills were needed? What do you like best about in your everyday life? What is taught too little at school, what more do you need? The discussions on the round tables at the same time 40 minutes, then the chillers changed their groups and so you did 3 rounds. The best recommendations from the guests: learn language and technologies, learn diligently and do what is fun. The job should be fun, otherwise there is no point because we spend 70% of our life doing our job.

The evaluation followed after the discussions. Everyone was satisfied that they had spent the evening sensibly and interestingly.