Etiquette-Workshop in Wolfsburg (Volkswagen)

How to act while job interviews – what the German “Knigge” says…

On November 18, we took the train to Wolfsburg/Autostadt and took part in an etiquette course there. At the beginning, we first considered in groups what you need etiquette for and collected our thoughts. Then we were divided into new groups and given a situation that we should recreate. We then presented and discussed these to the rest of the group. In addition to small talk and behavior towards superiors, special focus was placed on the situation where an interview was simulated. For example, we learned how to behave when the future employer is late or how best to sit down.

Overall, the course was interesting and you learned a few new things. In addition, you not only sat dull, but worked out the content together, which meant that the two and a half hours passed pretty quickly. In the late afternoon we went back home by train.

Aimee Schlimme