12th of November ( The Second day in Latvia)

The second day of our journey to Latvia was full of positive emotions and interesting facts that we ‘ve learned  . At 8 o’clock the bus started to drive and delivered us in Riga for two hours.

Our first visit was in the Stockholm School of Economics which was situated in the center of the town. First  they showed  us a presentation about the school and told us the main things. Three students which are studying in this school came in that hall to tell their personal opinion about the things that are happening inside the lessons and about the studying process. After the presentation the organisators made a little trip around the school which on the other hand was really nice and the building was impressive . When the trip finished we went to the dining room to have lunch. It was very delicious by the way. Then we started walking around  the town to see some places of culture and interesting buildings. We had one woman who was our group guide and explained to the group a lot about the architecture and the history of some buildings. When the trip ended it was given a free time to all members of the group. We had two hours and a half to go wherever we like and to return back to the meeting station which was in front of the Opera. Our Bulgarian group decided to hang out around the old part of the town and to see the St Peter Cathedral which has a big tower with an elevator that lifts up the people who want to go up there  . The view from the top was like in a tale. It can be compared with the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. By the way the  town is divided by a big river which is named The Daugava River. The town is also situated on the seashore of Baltic Sea which makes it even more eye catching. When we saw the amazing capital from the peak we went down to the church where an exhibition was helding . There were exposed a lot of interesting paintings, vases and cups. The cathedral was huge and there were some signs of different families and ordens that have financed the process of building  . When we finished with visiting those religious places of culture we decided do walk trough the  streets of Riga and to look around  for some souvenirs. We have  entered in some shops and bought something for our families. Then we continued to walk through the tiny and cozy roads of the city. After the shopping time we all were unanimous that it’s time to eat something because we were also a little bit tired and hungry. So we went to one pub which is named  “LIDO” where you can also buy a cooked food which is ready at the moment of entering the bar. Which is very comfortable for the customers in my opinion. When the journey ended we left Riga with the bus and it  cost some time to reach Limbazhi. On the other hand  the Sports Hall ( Sports Halee) was “waiting” for us. We had our sport clothes with us earlier so the next thing in our program was the activities in the sport center. There we were separated in two groups. But first we’ve made a little warm up in order not to have injuries. The first team was playing volleyball and the second one was playing basketball. I was in the first group so I enjoyed the time playing that sport with my friends and teachers from the project. It was a really nice time spend in doing some sport and training our bodies to be F. I. T 😄. Eventually it was a great day which was field with so many great experiences . We have seen so many  amazing and very interesting monuments and after all we  had a great and useful time together.

By: Kostadin Kotsev