The cool video day!


On the 17th of October me and my schoolmates made one group meeting to talk about making a clip. The idea of the clip is how to save the planet from pollution and solve some eco problems which are very common nowadays.

One very cool guy – Nikolay Yordanov – came that day to help us. He was a past student of our teacher Mrs Popova and was full of interesting information about the photography and shooting  short videos. He told us that he had graduated a university which is targeted of making and shooting films. In my opinion it is very valuable to know such things because in 21th century almost everything is  digital or ,,smart”.

However our group meeting took about 2 hours and we have discussed how to assemble the short film. The group was giving a lot of good ideas and our teacher was giving us very good advices on how to shoot the clip correctly like proffesionals. He showed us some techniques on how to use our bodies to capture correctly if we are going to use our phones for that purpose. He also told us that it is recommended to use only one phone to capture with. In addition he shared with us some tips about the correct angle of shooting the objects which were very interesting to me.

We had a ,,brainstorming” time to think about the ideas and the main eco problem that we`re going to show in our clip.

We have desided to expose the problem with cigarette buds which is very big problem in the towns. We all were united about that idea.

After all we had a great time together and was a wonderful experience!

And here’s the video:


Kostadin Kotsev