European Day of Languages at the National High School of Economics and Business


On September 26, 2019, our school celebrated European Day of Languages ​​in an interesting way with various initiatives. An important focus of the activities of the F.I.T for Europe project is the idea of ​​understanding, which is why the teachers of the project team, with their classes, initiated discussions, interactive activities, games in which the idea of ​​a United Europe was conceived differently.

Students from the class 9b discussed the reasons why languages are important to us. They watched pictures from last year’s Day of languages celebration and had a lot of fun. At the end students were invited to join the new Erasmus+ project SEDIFIEE. Last they said their favourite word in a foreign language.They shared the event in the eTwinning platform.

A special poster was created from class 10 V with twenty-eight flags of the European Union countries.

After the debate, the word “together“ was chosen to be translated to express the idea of ​​community and connection. The selected word in the respective language was placed under each flag on the poster.

Thus it was demonstrated that “together” is a word that underlies all European values ​​such as pluralism, freedom and the right to choose.

Students from the class 10 zh learned a lot about Europe and had fun participating in an interactive game (Come on over!). And the 11a  students got involved in the activities by greeting one another with ‘hello’ in different languages, after learning about the history of the Council of Europe initiative to encourage language learning, boys and girls made a live map of Europe.


The eighth-graders, with their foreign language teachers, attended an event organized at the “Earth and People” Museum.

Through this activity, dedicated to the Day of European Languages, we have shown that young communities in the European Union are strongly attracted to the idea of ​​development, tolerance and freedom of knowledge.

Radina Popova