„I and EUROPE“ – initiative group (IG) of Gymnasium Unter den Eichen continues further education course

Europe – an issue that is more evident today than it was before, was the subject of the annual seminar of the initiative group of the Gymnasium

The program, which was written by the lecturer Veronika Schniederalbers (Ludwig Windhorst House,Lingen), consisted of a multi-part workshop on “Europe”. The first part of the seminar clarified, “What Europe has to do with me” and “How the EU works”, with the aim of illustrating the institutions of the EU and their tasks as well as their influence on our everyday lives. The seminar participants were playfully and loosely integrated into the program. The study director of the Ludwig Windhorst House has already worked as a research assistant in the European Parliament and was thus able to share her own experiences with everyone and was able to answer very specific questions.

The second part of the seminar day was dedicated to the “Future of Europe”; the participants took on the roles of decision-makers in the EU and simulated a constitutional convention for the United States of Europe. Thematically, they discussed the questions of a directly elected EU president, a compulsory social year for all European youth and a Europe-wide nuclear phase-out by 2050. Subsequently, the results were reflected together and a “reality check” was carried out. The reflection was designed in such a way that every pupil could form their own opinions about the different subject areas and share them with everyone so that an open, partially controversial but pleasantly stimulated discussion came to a stand.

The pleasing conclusion of the day was that, to their own astonishment, the older students already knew a great deal about the connections in Europe from the political education and their own European experiences; among the younger seminar participants, the “oh so that” effect outweighed. All those involved felt that they had come closer to the idea of ​​Europe coming from the seminar, which led to lively discussions even after the end.

All in all, the seminar “Europe and me” is lively and authentic, thanks to its method mix and the great personal commitment of Veronika Schniederalbers, also for age-heterogeneous groups – an exciting enrichment of the lessons! #WeloveEurope