Our final evening

It was our last day together. To sum up the day, I have to say that it was the most emotional and colourful day from the whole week. Here is the place where I have to thank my friends and teachers from the Bulgarian team, who spent their free time with me to organize this fantastic evening and gave all that they can to make it cool and funny.

         The evidence was in one of the halls in the museum ‘Museiko’’ which is a place for studying and entertainment for children.  There we had an hour to meet ourselves with each hall in the museum. Be sure that it was an amazing experience for us, because we learned a lot about the world’s evolution, saw the space from austronaut’s eyes and felt like cavemen in realistic cave modal.

         Without many other deviations, we started our party program! First each team show their work, because we had a task earlier to design a project about the impressions and adventures during the week in Bulgaria. Of course there was a jury of the competition who chose the winners. After that we started F.I.T. is looking for a talent so that we had fun, we sang, we danced together traditional dances from the countries members of the project. Moreover, there were surprises from our guests and everything were more than fantastic – it was breathtaking experience and we became a whole! This was the most emotional and in the same time funny and amazing night! The F.I.T.‘s team learned a lot about the traditions in Bulgaria, Germany, the Netherlands and Latvia and it was delight to be together!

         After our unforgetable party, we continued the evening in the company of our families. Some of us were together with our parents and ended the night in pleasant restaurants with songs, dances and alive singers.

         For me it was pleasure to work with everybody during this busy and in the same time wonderful year. I learned a lot about team working, leading, time organising and last but not least how to have fun and make friendships with strangers. I think that we all increase our proficiency in foreign languages level and we strenghtened our friendship, which I‘m sure will accompany us in the future!

                                                                               Hristina  Vasileva,

                                                   National high school in Business and Finance,

                                                                                                Sofia, Bulgaria