A great day in Blagoevgrad

So on the second day (Tuesday, 4.06.2019) we went to Blagoevgrad. We traveled by bus and because the distance from Sofia to this town is small, the road was short but really fun. In the bus we listened to music, mostly bulgarian and talked about many different things, a little time to get to know each other.

And here we arrived in this pretty cute town. First of all we had to visit The American University of Blagoevgrad. There, we learned a lot  about the university, about its history, about the American education system and many many other things. We also had a chance to visit the gym, the theatre hall and the library. These three places were really interesting and filled with the history of the university.

After that we went to the city centre to have lunch. I took my group (the Dutch) to one very good restaurant which I know for many years and visit absolutely every time I go to Blagoevgrad. The food there is more than wonderful and my friends were pleased, they really liked it.

The last thing in our program for this day was the visit of the Rila Monastery. It was a good way to show a small but important part of the Bulgarian history to our friends from abroad.

The whole day was a great experience for all of us. Not only this day of course. The whole week we were together was just unique. It left in our hearts wonderful memories which we will never forget. And most importantly, we’ve created friendships we will remember for a lifetime…

Adelina Denova