A day full of emotion

My name is Persiana, proud member of FIT for Europe team. I chose to talk about our free day -8th June, 2019.  It was the last day for the Latvians in Bulgaria, so we wanted something different.

 No museums! No galleries! No presentations!

This Saturday was just perfect for our little trip to lake Pancharevo.

 Although I have already been there like a million times, I really enjoyed the day.

The Latvians were amazed by the nature. Actually we hat a lot of fun together. I started to call Kristin Kiki and she started with Pipi.  After we arrived, the first thing we did,  was to have lunch. Then we took water wheels and sailed around. NO swimming! The weather was even good for sun baths.

All the day I had mixed emotions. I was really happy because we were really close to each other, but I also knew they were leaving by tomorrow.

Not gonna lie… this was my favorite day.

Persiana Gerasimova