Europe week in Limbaži county gymnasium

Due to Europe Day and the 15th anniversary of Latvia joining the EU, from the 7th until 10th May, the European project group Erasmus+ organized several events to coincide.

From the end of April to the beginning of May art teacher K.Lismane, who is also a member of the project group, organized an art contest “I – in Europe”. Students could show their creativity in painting, drawing etc. The most interesting works were made by

Rinalds Kravainis (7b)
Lelde Noriņa (7.c)
Dana Grīnberga (9.a)

On the 3rd May project participants decorated the entrance of the school with yellow and blue flag bunting and balloons. Students and employees were asked to come to school dressed in yellow and blue as these are the colours of EU flag.

The essay contest “A day without Europe” was held from the 2nd until 7th May. In their works, students examined the benefits provided by EU. The best young authors were E.P.Krogzeme (11.a), V.Zaretskaya (11.a), M.Andžs (11.a), N.Kiverjaka (11.a), K.Legzdiņa (11.b).

During the 8th and 9th May everyone could watch a presentation about the EU in the school’s hallway, and enrich their knowledge about it. Later in the week it would be useful.

On the 9th May Erasmus+ project group and other interested students, together with history and economics teacher U.Umulis and Erasmus+ coordinator I.Somere, went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic of Latvia, in Riga. Their guide was the most legendary ex-minister of Foreign Affairs E.Rinkēvičs. They visited the building which is 100 years old and were introduced to its history. The ex-minister advised all of the students to appreciate where we are now and to think where we would be without the EU. Travelling, studies in the best EU universities, job opportunities, international student exchange programs are some of the benefits. As E.Rinkēvičš was in our school in 2015, he welcomed the group as good friends.

The group had the opportunity to take part in the event dedicated to Europe Day. It started with the anthem of EU and Latvian national anthem, then the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Z. Kalniņa-Lukaševica, delivered a speech, which was followed by a musical performance from the Latvian Diplomacy Choir. Students took part in lectures “I and EU already for 15 years”, “100 years of Latvian Foreign Affairs – zigzags of diplomacy” presented by Foreign Affairs press secretary J.Biķeris who likes to work in diplomacy because “you feel you can influence the processes”. Girls loved the lecture “Use of national protocol and business etiquette in everyday life”.

After lunch in the ministry’s canteen, the group went to the Cabinet of Ministers. The deputy head of the State Chancellery communication department, J.Deičmane, described the history of the building and its importance now days.

ERUDĪTS 2019 was the closing event, a competition, on the 10th May hosted by history and economics teacher U.Umulis. Students’ teams could test their knowledge about EU.

Thank you to everyone who organized the Europe week and thank you for participating!