Not resources but people create opportunities

The first common day of the group – 03.06.2019, ended with dividing us into three groups and visiting different companies.  One of them was Cargo Partner.

 After welcoming us and taking the place of the presentation, the first thing that explained to us how important safety was when we walked around their warehouses and handed out materials that would make our visit there later on safe.  We were presented with a presentation to show us the company’s activities – with 35 years of experience in more than 30 countries around the world.  We had a question of reflection – what is a transport company doing?  And the right answer was not far away – to move things from A to B.  We had the opportunity to hear about the history of the company, which is actually owned by an Austrian one.  We understood that their office in Bulgaria is one of the most creative in the world.

 After a long time trying to win as a customer a brand of cars, one evening received a call from the same brand that in a very short period have to transfer goods.  Their team immediately agreed and managed to execute the order and win the company, and since then they have also executed emergency orders.

 As an end to the presentation, we realized that it is not important what resources you have and the people you work with.

 After the presentation we had a short tour of the building, where we were able to see the accounting, administrative and forwarding departments.  We went to the warehouse where we were told that it was divided into 6 zones, showed us all the machines they worked with and told us what they were used for.  In fact, we have seen how difficult this whole thing is.

 To finish, we received gifts from the company, but also a new kind of reflection work.

Demetra Krasteva