How to create a newspaper?

On May 7, 2019, we had the opportunity to visit National Publishing House for Education and Science “Az-Buki”. After being greeted, we had the change to get to know the different people working there, their professions, the way a newspaper works, the differences between newspaper and magazine publishing and the various activities they deal with. The discussion was mainly led by Dr. Tanya Kanthereva-Baruch, and later Mr. Nikolay Kanchev joined us. We began the conversation with the introduction of how to produce a weekly newspaper – through information, appropriate photographs, text editing, graphic editing, printing and publishing. We have understood how important it is to take responsibility for what we have written, because we will not be able to sit next to each reader and explain to him what our thought has been. Various publishing professions have been placed before us – editor, graphic designer, journalist, stylist-corrector, photographer. We continued on to what are the differences between the magazine and the newspaper – while the magazine is more about entertainment, the newspaper is looking for the latest news. We also had an interesting topic of reflection: if we have a magazine/newspaper, it is on paper or electronically preferable? We reviewed both the latest issue and the test pages of the new issue where it is edited again and again until they see the red signature. We also saw the editions of educational magazines for 2018, with an English summary for each text. One of the most interesting things we saw was a book with some of the oldest editions. Every year, the publishing house holds a competition for photographs from different schools across the country and from Bulgarian schools abroad. Of course, the winner is selected and, together with another eleven photos, they are placed in a calendar for the following year. They also told us of their various initiatives – Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature Day (May 24th), how they discovered a monument and restored it exactly one hundred years after it was created and we were invited to go on June 2 when they gather there, as well we got a proposal to go to their printing house sometime, and if we decide to do something like that – they’ll always give us a hand. The thing that is most memorable in my mind may be their words that when we do something good and good we should always try to make it clear so that we can encourage others to do better. After this meeting, we were surely satisfied, but with many questions to ponder before ourselves.

Demetra Krasteva