Day of professional challenges – Self-Management day

Ден на Европа (9 май) в Националната финансова и гимназия Какво ден на студентско самоуправление.

The main objective of this event, organized by the team of the “F.I.T. for Europe” Project and the group of Senior and Junior Ambassadors of the European Parliament, was to bring emotion, create a different atmosphere, build new partnerships between learners and trainers.

Students get into different professional roles, take on new responsibilities, learn and do something new for themselves, facing the challenge of teaching and managing the educational environment.

 In this way, young people become involved in everyday problems and tasks in our school, gain social experience, learn to plan and present, take into account the dynamics of each class, interact and in a new way with the administrative staff of School and the teachers .

  The possibility of self-government is a democratic tradition related to the principles and spirit of United Europe. It teaches us to be active citizens, to create communities, to make the world different, more colorful and better.

Darina Vassileva