Review of the teacher’s meeting in Uetze

From Sunday to Wednesday Mia, Anna and I were in Uetze (just outside Hannover). We were there for the first official meeting of our approved Erasmus + Project F.I.T for Europe. Mia and I had been there in March to co-write the application and this summer we received the good news that our application was approved. This meant that we had to start selecting students. It was a bit of a challenge, but we made it! We have selected 18 wonderful Quintus students who will be given the chance to participate in the three exchanges with Bulgaria, Latvia and Germany .

In total, there will be 8 ‘mobilities’ (4x teacher meeting, 4x student exchanges) and 10 ‘project activities’ that are centred around getting to know each other’s cultures, educational system and job opportunities.

Our first teacher meeting (‘Lehrertreffen’) in Uetze was very successful. We planned most of our project activities for the next two years, decided which students would visit which countries, and made sure all our activities can be explained to Erasmus +.  Of course, we also made sure that there was time for good German food and a visit to Hannover (and Germans do have a sense of humour, really! 😉) In week 47 the first student-exchange will take place in Uetze as well. We will take Jarna (V4), Dian (V4), Romy (H4), Irene (H4), Serana (H4) and Sylvan (V5) with us, accompanied by Willem Borghuis and Sophie Welling. In March and June the teacher and student visits to Bulgaria will take place. In 2019-2020 the visits to Latvia will take place as well as the incoming visits of our partner schools here in Assen. We’ll keep you posted!