Dutch teachers und students are F.I.T. in Uetze

We still have two more days to go, but we will share an impression of this fantastic first student exchange of our F.I.T. for Europe Erasmus + project.

On Sunday Morning Romy (H4), Irene (H4), Serana (H4), Jarna (V4), Dian (V4) and Sylvan (V5) were ready to get in our pretty minivan (driven by Mr Borghuis, accompanied by navigator Ms Welling) and drive to Uetze, Germany. We all didn’t know each other very well yet, but the road trip changed that in no time! Mr Borghuis had made sure to bring a CD with German schlagers, so the ‘ready for Germany’ spirit was soon alive and kicking!

When we arrived in Uetze, the host families were already waiting for us. We took our first group picture and went home with our host families. We would meet the next morning at school to meet the entire group.

On Monday morning we did some introduction games, were met by the school principal and mayor and listened to student presentations about the educational system in Germany.

 On Tuesday we went to Hamburg. One half of the Group visited the Hamburg Stage School, a school for musical theatre, singing and dancing (Hamburg is famous for its many musical theatres). The other half of the group went to the harbour in Harburg. In the afternoon there was an Ipad Rally across the city of Hamburg.

On Wednesday, the group was split in two again. One group went to a lesson in optical physics at the Leibniz University Hannover. The other group visited Continental Tyres. The groups were reunited at the University Library where we received a guided tour (Hannover has the largest technical university library in Europe!). We had lunch in the – very crowded – central dining hall. That evening it was also Serana’s birthday, so we organised a dinner for her at a sushi restaurant.

After three days you notice that everyone knows each other a little better and that the Germans, Bulgarians, Latvians and us started mixing much more.

Today was by far the coolest day so far. We went to Wolfsburg, to the Volkswagen factory and the Autostadt. We started with a meeting with a few students who did a dual training programme with the VW company in which they could combine their university studies with working at VW. We all had lunch together in the VW cafeteria. After lunch we did a very cool guided tour through the VW factory. Unfortunately no picture taking was allowed inside. After the tour we could choose between going shopping or seeing some more cars in the Autostadt. And to keep ourselves warm we practised our dance routine for the final night and taught it to the Germans, Bulgarians and Latvians!