An unforgettable experience

On April 10, we had the opportunity to visit Telus International.  It all begins with the big glass building called Telus Tower. As the group entered, we were greeted by two smiling ladies, Iva and Ivana, who felt they really liked their work and didn’t feel uncomfortable by what they were doing.  They took us to a hall where some of their important meetings took place, and within about a couple of hours we had the opportunity to find out about different activities of the company, how we could start working there, about the conditions of work and everything we cared about.

Let’s start with the fact that there is no particular dress-up – it is quite normal to go in jeans, T-shirt and sneakers. Various days are also organized – some come in pajamas, while other clothing is tailored to holidays such as Halloween.

The building has modern rooms for rest, fitness, etc. They are free and can be used by all employees. Each year they have an event in which they do something charitable – painting schools, making playgrounds, planting trees.  I definitely had the impression that the people there really enjoy their work and do everything with desire. They have also told us about projects by non-governmental organizations that fund and in fact the transition that passes to be approved. Projects are for health, environment and education. We have also learned about the opportunities to start working with them after 16 years of age.  We have explained how important the CV is, and how we need to put into the foreground the information that will actually be needed for the position we are applying for. Interviews conducted with them are always in the foreign language we apply for, and we have explained that for them English is the official language of the company. They have special tests that, when applying for a job, determine the level of our language.  We also understood how important it is to be in time, but if something happens and we are late, we must call and warn. Finally, we also had the opportunity to play an interview with them.

For the final of the meeting, we went to the last floor where the gym is located and stretches 360 degree views.  We had time to take pictures and look at, then we had to leave, but hoping some would come back.

Demetra Krasteva