On 6.12.2018, an interesting and exciting open lesson in public speech was held at the National High School in Finance and Business with a lecturer Dr. Georgi Petkov.

In a fun and interactive way, students from the eighth, ninth and tenth grades, including representatives of the project F.I.T. for Europe / No 2018-1-DE03-KA229-047389_2, the group of EU junior ambassadors and the debating team, learned how to start a speech, how long it ought to be, what is the structure of public speech and the place of the main idea in it.

No less provocative curiosity was the information on how to use posture, gesture, intonation, impact, what are the effective techniques for coping with stress in public speech, why the best way to finish a speech is a call to action.

The artistically and fascinatingly narrated stories and the professional information provided by Dr. Petrov directed the participants to the guiding idea: You never know where the inspiration and the hope will come from. At what time will this happen? Maybe at school. You never know who will push you to what will bring you success. But such a man will always be found. As long as you participate in the game.

During the 60 minutes which slipped imperceptibly away, not only the students but the attending teachers as well: Taralova, Velinova, Karazapryanova, Gesheva and Popova, studied and enjoyed, and for the pupils apart from the shared emotions, knowledge, inspiration remained and the hope to have other similar meetings in our school. Because the experience and usefulness of life is a true school and effective learning.